Fretboard Geek

It's Time To Really Learn The


Play the guitar, bass, violin, mandolin…

The Fretboard Geek Web Application has 20 drills to help you master the fretboard! There are drills to
help you learn the notes on the fretboard; identify intervals; name, spell and find chords and scales;
and help train your ear to recognize intervals, chords and scales.


The first step is the explore the fretboard by selecting various locations on it and note the corresponding location on the standard notation staff.


Three interval drills allow you to learn the distance, musically speaking, of the individual notes. If you want to be a world-class improvisor, these drills are a must!


We have 5 drills to really hone you're harmonic mastery.


We have 3 drills to help you own the fretboard.

Ear Training

To round out your training, we need to get your ears up to speed.