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How To Make Playing In The Studio Easier
You walk into the studio, pull out your cheat sheet and are about to rehearse with your band or record a new song. This article will help you get the best out of your newly purchased cheat sheet when it...
Practice guitar daily
The Top Reasons to Practice Guitar Everyday
Is your goal to become a great guitarist? If so, practicing is essential. Unfortunately, it can seem pointless for those who are just starting out or who may have hit a plateau in their efforts. After...
CAGED system posters
How to use the CAGED system sheets and posters?
The CAGED system is a method with which most guitar players learn the fretboard. It’s a great method of learning, memorizing, and applying different chord shapes for rhythm and lead playing.  If you have...
Five Music Theory Elements You Can Master with the Geek App
Five Music Theory Elements You Can Master with the Geek App
If you want to be a master of the fretboard, a jukebox hero, a guitar maven, you owe it to yourself to check out the Geek App from Fretboard Geek – a source that knows guitar..and other fretted instruments! We...
Get out of a guitar rut
5 ways out of a guitar rut
Getting ‘stuck’ in a rut is common for guitar players of all levels. Repeating the same licks, solos, techniques and songs over and over and not seeing any improvement happens even to the best-accomplished...
7 Tips on learning guitar online
7 Tips on learning guitar online
Learning guitar online is part of our daily life as modern musicians. Whether you are a professional guitarist or casual player, there are almost endless resources that could help you improve. Every technique...
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