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Acoustic vs Electric Guitar
Acoustic or Electric - Which one is best for beginners?
Beginner guitarists are often associated with the image of strumming open cowboy chords on an affordable acoustic guitar. But do you need to learn acoustic guitar before picking up an electric one, as...
Break out of the pentatonic
How to go beyond the Pentatonic scale
Getting stuck in Pentatonic boxes is a phase most guitar players go through for many reasons. Playing only pentatonic is not necessarily a bad thing as it can and has produced some of the greatest solos....
Beginner Jazz Guitars
Best Beginner Jazz Guitars
When you’re just starting to get into jazz having a guitar that suits the jazz style is a great bonus. It’s true that jazz can be played with any normal acoustic or electric, after all, the tone is really...
How to play more melodic solos
This article will give you a helpful approach and tips on playing more melodic solos.
How to become a jazz-rock guitarist
For years jazz and rock guitar were seen as two different sides of a coin that would never interact with each other. The typical image of the rock guitar player was that of the “carefree” improviser shredding...
Organize your practice routine with 3 simple rules
The word “Practise” is a continuous chorus we all as musicians hear in each stage of our playing. Whether it’s the first months we picked up an instrument or after 20 years of being a professional musician,...
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