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The Beginner's Guide to Learning Guitar
Have you always wanted to learn to play guitar? While it’s a lot of fun, it also takes hard work and dedication. Along with that, you need the right gear. While it can seem intimidating at first,...
How To Tell A Story With Your Guitar Solos
How To Tell A Story With Your Guitar Solos
The best guitar solos are the ones that take you on a musical journey. Beyond music theory, technique, and melody, structuring and pacing your solos is a vital skill that sometimes gets overlooked. There...
become a session guitarist
Great Tips For Becoming a Successful Studio Guitarist
One of the most common dreams beginner guitar players have is becoming a famous musician. As time goes by, you might realize you are gravitating towards making music behind the scenes. One of the best...
Beginner Guitarist on stage
5 Mistakes Beginner Gigging Guitarist Make
Everyone was a beginner at first, and we all made mistakes. Sometimes we find out after years that we could and should have done something differently. This is most apparent when playing our first live...
Guitar in modern Pop
The Guitars' Role in Modern Pop Music
Modern Pop music seems to have discarded the guitar. The center of attention in a pop record today is rarely a guitar riff and solos are becoming more rare.  While that’s partially true, as a session musician,...
a rock guitarist guide to jazz.
A Rock Guitarist Guide To Jazz
Making the jump from playing rock to jazz is challenging even for the best guitarists. The complex chords, scales, and fingerings are very different from the usual major/minor pentatonic you probably are...
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