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How to become a jazz-rock guitarist

For years jazz and rock guitar were seen as two different sides of a coin that would never interact with each other. The typical image of the rock guitar player was that of the “carefree” improviser shredding out a pentatonic. The jazz guitarist was perceived as the well-prepared, well-studied musician that knew and followed weird and complex chord changes.

Organize your practice routine with 3 simple rules

The word “Practise” is a continuous chorus we all as musicians hear in each stage of our playing. Whether it’s the first months we picked up an instrument or after 20 years of being a professional musician, there is always something to practice and usually, a sense of guilt when your programmed practice of the day is skipped.

Learning The Guitar Fretboard: Three Tips To Get You Started

The guitar is a beautiful and fantastic musical instrument. There are few things that compare to the ambiance and aesthetic of an acoustic guitar filling the room with warmth and light, or the epic tones of an electric guitar charging a room with energy. While beginners might find the guitar fretboard confusing and difficult to understand, all it takes is a bit of effort and practice