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Fretted instruments are great!

That’s the good news …the bad news is that we can get stuck in a rut relying solely on patterns–and really not know what we’re doing and why something sounds good.


Give our Geek App a try to learn not only the notes on the fretboard, but how they function relative to other notes in chords or scales. Grab a Cheat Sheet for guitar from Our Store and see how we’ve not only collected tons of useful shapes, but what role the underlying notes play in those shapes.

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The Fretboard Geek Web Application has 20 drills to help you master the fretboard! There are drills to help you learn the notes on the fretboard; identify intervals; name, spell and find chords and scales; and help train your ear to recognize intervals, chords and scales.

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learn the guitar using CAGED shapes

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