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Fretted instruments are great! With them we can learn patterns and move them around--change keys at will. Try that on a wind instrument!

That's the good news ...the bad news is that we can get stuck in a rut relying solely on patterns--and really not know what we're doing and why something sounds good. Great players know this--and you can too!

Give our Geek App a try to learn not only the notes on the fretboard, but how they function relative to other notes in chords or scales. Grab a Cheat Sheet for guitar from Our Store and see how we've not only collected tons of useful shapes, but what role the underlying notes play in those shapes.

What's new in the Geek App:

  • Now supporting 6,7,8-string and 4,5,6-string violin/mandolin
  • The Geek App has now been optimized for most mobile phones!
  • New ear training drills

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